ShareAmidst this COVID-19 pandemic, we know that coworking is playing a crucial role in our work life, and we have talked about this in a previous post. Coworking spaces may be the best solution for many as we transition to another workspace system imposing the new safety regulations and protocols.

Coworking spaces offer different kinds of coworking plans. There are private offices, reserved desks, and hot desks.

What Is A Hot Desk?

In contrast to a traditional office setup, hot desking is more flexible. With a hot desk, you take whatever desk is available and get to work. Hot desking is a workspace system implemented in organizations’ private offices, and, of course, co-working spaces like U Office Executive, because sometimes, a comfortable chair and a table are simply what modern workers need to get their job done.

You show up at a coworking space, pick a free desk, set up your paraphernalia, and begin your work. The next day you do the same. The desk you are to work on may vary every time, so the same desk is occupied by different people whenever.

Benefits Of Hot Desks

Flexible lease options for your convenience

Hot desks date back to 1950 but are still being used to date. Hot desks won’t be implemented across any workspaces until now if not for the numerous advantages they give, not only to individuals, but also to the companies. And a couple of these benefits are listed below.

It is Cost-Effective

Scan the rental fees of U Office Executive Suites and you will notice that hot desks are far more affordable than the others. This is one of the biggest benefits a hot desk system offers. Not all types of work need a desk and a chair at all times. Hence, you can cut costs by getting yourself or your employees a desk space when needed. For sole workers and startups where every single penny is valuable, hot desks can save them crucial funds.

Freedom to Choose the Working Space

With hot desks, you can select where you want to sit. Whether you want to be on the corner, work beside freelancers, or share a table with the techies, you may do so as far as seats are available. You can expose yourself to a different environment every time you check in on a hot desk. Today, you can sit at a serene corner with a scenic view, and the next day you can sit near an individual or a team. This freedom allows you to decide in establishing the tone for your work setting and gives you the liberty in choosing the office environment to work with that is best for you.


Companies that suddenly expand at a rapid rate opt for hot-desking. They are taking in more talents without the expense of buying more desks, but at the same time, no shortage of desk space when required.

When businesses start downsizing, hot desks are a go-to solution because employing more part-time personnel or moving to a smaller premise means fewer desks are needed. They would also spare themselves from investing in furniture and fixtures that would go unutilized.

It Promotes Creativity

While some opt for hot desks due to the financial benefits, some stick to it because of collaboration. A new neighbor each day can give you fresh ideas, new perspectives, and opportunities. Hot desks bring people together of different intelligence and expertise, creating a diverse world of professionals that private offices lack.

Studies show that hot desking advances innovation and entrepreneurship. New ideas, concepts, and processes naturally develop when people surrounding you belong to different industries. Social interaction, sharing of knowledge, and observation contribute to the occurrence of the development of your creative mind. The flexible work environment also reduces the risk of burnout and work fatigue.

Clutter-Free Workspace

You cannot leave the hot desk with all of your papers, posters, pictures, and whatnots at the end of the day, and the same goes for the others. Leave the desk clean and shiny similar to when you first set foot in the coworking space.

Since hot desks don’t allow storing of things and reservation of desks, people are forced to pack away their stuff leaving behind no trace. So the next day, you will always be welcomed by a tidy desk. If you love a clutter-free workspace and your brain cannot work with a messy, distracting table, hot desks will work best on you.

Who Uses Hot Desks?

Modern amenities for a comfortable work environment

Self-Employed People

If you are a freelancer, flexible worker, or consultant, hot desks can provide you an office space that saves you plenty of bucks and spares you the commitment to a commercial space lease. Hot desks as an alternative to your home office can also boost creativity and productivity by surrounding yourself with professional people working in the same field as yours. Plus, it helps in combating isolation, which can boost your mental and physical health.

For those that find themselves traveling within the state or cities, hot desks allow you to work in a professional, office space with all the amenities and perks. Even for those handling simultaneous projects at different locations, hot desks provide convenience wherever your work leads you.

Enterprise Companies

Hiring remote workers is never more in demand nowadays than before. Hot desks spare you, as an employer, from investing in a physical office for remote workers. It provides you with an arrangement that caters to the needs of your employees while not taking any risk linked with building another office. At the same time, you can withdraw at any time on this agreement.

Engage your employees with like-minded people and you will see an increase in their performance, and hot desking can help you with that. It will inspire and motivate them when they are a part of a working community. Do not deprive them of the privileges and joy that a physical office can give just because they are working remotely. Provide what they need and let them experience working together with different personas.


Hot desks also benefit any person who wants to learn a new skill. They can consult with experts, gain new knowledge, and establish relationships. It opens doors for new opportunities and new learnings.

Startups can also find this cost-effective. Exposure to the corporate world can also help them in creating strategic plans and in doing business processes. Plus, you might encounter potential clients and business partners in this kind of environment.

A Hot Desk System Is Not For You If…

Convenient location with easy access to transportation

Anyone can opt for hot desks. However, it may not be for every work style and project.

  • The hot desk is not for you if you are working on confidential tasks. Highly sensitive information may need extra care in handling, and working on it in a private office restricts critical exposure and inaccuracy.
  • The hot desk is not for you if you are working with a team that needs a stable structure. The consistent change of seats may reduce your productivity rate and slow down your finishing process. Instead of cleaning up and setting again, the time could have been spent completing the project. Hence, consider a private office in the same coworking space.
  • The hot desk is not for you if you are training new employees. Training new employees requires a more personalized workspace where the worker can explore and learn by themselves without any environmental distractions.
  • The hot desk is not for you if you are nit-picky about the tables’ and chairs’ appearance. If you are fussy about the condition of the chair, the desk, and the environment, save yourself from discomfort and trouble. In hot desks, you use whatever’s available.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly working space at a shared workplace, choose a hot desk. Get the chance to interact with people, and sit down at a new desk every day. It’s going to be fun! Try a hot desk now at any coworking space. If you are around Houston and Oak, visit U Office Executive Suites. We offer hot desks with all the amenities and perks. Visit our website for more information. Contact us at or 214-406-3326 for further inquiries.