Coworking spaces have become very popular over the past few years as it offers plenty of benefits like being cost-effective, practical, flexible, etc. If you are searching for hot desk spaces in Houston, Texas, you came to the right place. Here at UOffice Executive Suites, we will share with you an article discussing the factors to consider before renting a hot desk. If you are curious and you want to know more information, make sure to keep reading below to find out. 

What is Hot Desking? 

Hot desking is a workspace system that consists of different desks that can be used by various individuals on a day-to-day basis. It is a different take of the traditional workspace that we are used to where we sit at the same desk every day. This type of service allows for maximum space efficiency and it is commonly implemented in busy areas as it allows different individuals to work in coworking spaces.

It is quite flexible and allows an employee to innovate and be productive as it also encourages collaboration with fellow peers. While hot desking started in 2005, the increased need for hot desk spaces occurred since working from home has become popular because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hot desks work by providing a space for workers to work depending on their needs and frequency. It usually varies on a day-to-day basis. The desk you work on will vary every day as different people are allowed to use a different desk. If you are at a hot desk, it is easy to figure out that you just need to find a desk, settle your laptop and other work-related essentials in, and get to work. 

Because there is a rise in the availability of hot desk spaces, make sure you are choosing the right space so that you can work with no issues. You must check out below the factors to consider before renting one.

Availability of Power Outlets and Telephones

Hot desk spaces must provide power outlets so that you can use them to charge your laptop, tablet, and smartphone while working. Some shared working spaces also provide dedicated spaces for phone booths where you can take calls so that you can have privacy and it will not disturb other people who are currently working. In other office environments such as sales companies, a telephone is usually located per desk so that you can use them accordingly. 

Accessible elevators and ramps for easy mobility

Access to the Internet and a Strong Wi-Fi Connection

Hot desk spaces should provide fast and secured Wi-Fi connections so that workers can perform their work duties without any interruptions. Some hot desks also provide monitors with HDMI, DVI, or VGA connections to allow the workers to plug in their laptops and use a second screen to work efficiently and with ease. 

Availability of Meeting Rooms and Conference Rooms

Most hot desk spaces with shared coworking spaces allow you to book meeting rooms and conference rooms depending on their availability and your needs. At UOffice Executive Suites, you can book a meeting or conference room if you need one; make sure to book one ahead of time as it will be subject to availability.

Access to Different Amenities

Hot desks spaces must also offer you access to common rooms, lounges, pantry, kitchen, private rooms, etc. 

Access to Printers, Photocopy, and Fax Machines

Hot desk spaces often have a central printer that can be used by workers. You must also check if they have fax and photocopy machines that can help you with your work. 

Availability of Storage and Locker Rooms

Hot desk spaces must also provide a storage cabinet where you can stash their personal belongings like bags, work accessories, chargers, and coats. Most coworking spaces allow the users to leave their belongings at their desks for a certain period when they need to attend meetings, receive calls, or during their lunch breaks. Other hot desk spaces provide lockers for their clients or those who avail of their services. In private offices, it is common for employees to stay at their desks for the whole day. 

Access to Common Areas Like the Bathroom, Break Room, and Kitchen

Just like traditional offices, hot desk spaces must also provide amenities like bathrooms and kitchens. They are maintained and managed by the office. Some hot desk spaces provide freshly brewed coffee, private rooms, showers, and bathroom essentials like soap, hair products, lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. At UOffice Executive Suites, we always make sure to clean, disinfect, and sanitize common areas to protect and keep our clients safe while they work. 

Availability of Private Rooms or Spaces

If privacy is needed during workdays, whether for meetings, conferences, company planning, or discussing important matters such as finances, private rooms must be also provided by hot desk spaces. Private offices and coworking spaces provide conference rooms that can be used for private meetings or when making important calls. 

Hot desking is also known as free seating or desk hoteling. It is an office arrangement where workers can work but they do not have an assigned desk, they can choose where they can sit and work there for the day. 

At UOffice Executive Suites, we are offering furnished desks within an open office space, fast, and a secure internet connection, free parking, and private phone booths. If you are interested in availing of our services you can book it through the website or you can contact our staff and subject to availability. So what are you waiting for? Call us now to book a hot desk day pass!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Hot Desk Spaces? 


In the corporate world, wasted space is equivalent to wasted money. A half-empty office is a waste of company resources. According to a survey, the second largest expense for an office is the office rent or company real estate. That’s why a lot of companies opt to use hot desk spaces to house more people in a space. Saving a lot on space means that the extra money can be allotted to the company’s other projects and investments. 

Wellness programs for a healthy work-life balance

Caters to Flexible and Mobile Workers

With companies that have a lot of flexible and mobile workers, they tend to see a lot of unused desks. An example of this is consultancy firms or service-oriented companies because it is common for employees to spend a day or two at the office. Providing a desk for each employee is not practical. A company with mobile workers can benefit from using hot desk spaces so they can spend time working productively whenever they need to. 

Allows a Collaborative Work Atmosphere

Hot desk spaces allow a social and collaborative office environment. In a traditional office arrangement, different departments are usually strategically located away from each other. Hot desk spaces allow employees of different departments to interact and mingle with each other. When people meet and ideas are shared, creativity and productivity occur. A company that uses hot desk spaces can encourage their employees to tap into their creativity, therefore, improving their productivity during workdays. 

Effective Communication in the Workplace

Hot desk spaces allow effective communication with coworkers. In a traditional office arrangement, the employees tend to rely on instant messaging, emailing, or video conferencing to communicate with their coworkers. A face-to-face meeting is an effective form of communication as it allows meeting one another and understanding the tone and facial expressions of our colleagues.

Relaying information can be affected if we just rely on short messages such as instant messages or text messages. The open space and casual atmosphere of hot desk spaces allow employees to have face-to-face conversations and meetings, which can be an effective way of communication with each other. 

On-site IT support for technical assistance

What Are the Cons of Hot Desk Spaces?

It is Not for Everyone

Hot desk spaces can be a perfect fit for certain companies or departments, but other types of work can be at a disadvantage if placed in an open office space. For example, jobs that require analytical work or work that require a different setup can benefit from using a traditional office setup. 

Distractions Can Happen

The arrangement of hot desk spaces allows for collaborations and creative work for coworkers, but it can also be a distraction for those who need to concentrate on their jobs. You can choose an office space that has reduced audio and visual distractions. 

Hot desk spaces are recommended for small businesses, startup companies, and self-employed individuals. How do know if hot desk space is the right choice for you? The open arrangement of hot desk spaces may not be ideal for different industries.

If you are a freelancer, own a small business, self-employed, or currently working at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hot desk spaces can help you combat idleness and unproductivity. Hot desk spaces allow you to have fresh ideas and opportunities that can be great for productivity, innovation, and creativity, but you just have to make sure not to allow it to distract your goals and objectives while working. 

Contemporary office design for a professional atmosphere

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