There are etiquette guidelines that must be followed to foster the most productive work atmosphere when a group of people from various jobs or firms get together to work in a coworking space.

To maintain the perfect environment for your collaborative space, this article will list ten things to refrain from doing in one.

Ten things NOT to do in a co-working space

Strange behavior is sure to occur when more people join co-working facilities around the world. However, you can utilize the suggestions below to guarantee that you are not the one introducing weirdness into your workplace.

1. Isolating yourself

Co-working has several advantages. Although many of these advantages can be negated by being alone in a shared space. In a co-working environment, collaboration with your neighbors, networking, and pleasant social interaction are all priorities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or small business with a thriving software product, or a retail arbitrage specialist searching for more advice on identifying valuable products. Your networking possibilities will suffer if you don’t make friends while you’re in the coworking space.

You miss out on several possibilities to learn about other endeavors, concepts, or products by isolating yourself. Keep in mind that by engaging with other workers, you may not only land your next job but also develop a brand-new concept for a work-from-home business. You will miss out on valuable learning and networking opportunities. Because of this, it’s critical to engage in discussion with your coworkers and demonstrate an interest in what they are doing.

In addition to participating in professional conversation, it is beneficial to interact with other coworkers on a more personal level. Hosting small birthday parties, Friday afternoon beers, or weekend adventures are all vital aspects of the coworking experience.

2. Being loud

While socializing is vital, you should also be mindful of the level of your chatting and/or music/video, as this may cause some people to become distracted from their job. When you settle down to work diligently, the last thing you want to happen is for someone to start playing their music loudly or start talking about their weekend activities for everyone to hear.

3. Bringing your personal problems to work with you.

It is not a good idea to bring your personal drama to a collaborative setting, much like in a conventional working situation. Although the folks at your coworking space might be fantastic sounding boards when you need to flesh out an idea, try to keep your talks professional.

You can lament with your coworkers about difficult clients and discuss humorous pet peeves, but avoid bringing problems that could create bad energy, as this will only stifle creativity and inhibit productivity.

4. Joining only once you’ve worked everything out.

Some people are hesitant to join a coworking space because they believe they do not have their business in order. But as a result, they fail to take advantage of one of the greatest benefits of joining a co-working space.

Coworking facilities are ideal for networking and growing your business. Whether you believe you are ready or not, joining a coworking community will provide you with numerous benefits.

From recommendations and synergistic business ties to hiring, coworking spaces are a gold mine. There are a lot of ambitious people accomplishing fantastic things in coworking spaces.

Join a group of like-minded people so that you won’t feel so alone and so that you can get the support and encouragement you need to succeed in your business.

5. Spamming your colleagues

Coworking spaces allow you to develop natural relationships. They can generate new business and create avenues for you to communicate topics you are passionate about (for both work and leisure). However, you must maintain concentration and avoid bombarding your coworkers with sales or personal announcements.

Just keep in mind that people’s attention spans are finite, so you need to pick the platform where you’ll find the audience more inclined to be engaged in what you’ve got to say.

6. Leave a mess behind

Maintaining a clean workspace and helping to clean communal areas are two fundamental co-working space guidelines.

The coworking space is the property of the membership group, thus you should never leave a mess for somebody else to clean up. Always leave the space as you found it, and properly dispose of your garbage and soiled dishes.

Numerous coworking spaces have managers or community leaders on hand to handle any problems that may develop. But if they have to clean up after you regularly, you might lose your membership.

7. Always be the main character

You will soon come to be known as “that” person if you enjoy being the center of attention and always want to be the star of the show.

When you work in a shared space, you are a member of a group and should act accordingly. You must show consideration for those nearby. Don’t be the obnoxious neighbor who is noisy, boisterous, and unwilling to take a hint; instead, be kind and considerate.

8. Be unreliable

Convenient access to public transportation

You have to actively use your coworking space and keep yourself and any employees on a schedule if you want to get the most out of it. Attend any planned events or member discussions so you can benefit from all the networking, learning, and connecting opportunities your coworking space has to offer.

It’s crucial to show up if you and other coworkers agreed to participate in specific events. The reputation you build at a coworking space can have an impact on your own and your company’s reputation in the community, and being unreliable can damage your reputation.

9. Overusing conference rooms

Conference rooms, or any area in a coworking space that members must “book” for specific lengths of time, must be easily accessible. Some people will inevitably require the conference room far more frequently than others.

However, refrain from any of the following to prevent unnecessarily dominating the conference room:

  • You frequently reserve the conference room “just in case” you need it, only to cancel it on the day of the meeting
  • Use of the conference room for non-business purposes (unless otherwise approved)
  • Rushing into the conference room without even checking to see if it has been reserved by others
  • Constant last-minute requests for the room
  • Staying in the conference room after your allotted time has passed

10. Taking but not giving

One of the primary reasons people join coworking spaces is the sense of camaraderie. Even while these places have many advantages, it goes against the co-working spirit to accept others’ resources and assistance without giving something back.

Make sure that any job you do in collaboration has advantages for both parties. You must be prepared to provide your services to others in exchange for their services.


Here are ten things you should never do in a co-working space. You can contribute to making a space that is cozier and more welcoming for everyone if you follow the tips in this article.

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