It is a fact that COVID-19 has greatly affected the business world. Budgets were rectified, most workplaces have chosen to go remote, and businesses of any size have created new ways of working. Because of these changes, you might be asking yourself if it is still worth it to pay for an office space. Some people are speculating that offices will become obsolete. However, others believe that due to isolation during this pandemic, it is important that people have physical spaces where they can gather.

So perhaps the right question would be, what makes an office space worth it? Maybe you need a place where you can focus and have a change of environment. Or maybe you realize that the association and the camaraderie of a shared office are worth it for your team. Regardless of what your priorities are, it is important to work in a place that can help us in achieving our goals.

With this in mind, here are some tips that can help you in getting the most out of your workspace.

Traditional Vs Coworking Offices

What makes coworking different from a traditional office? Why is this beneficial as we are moving into the new normal? In a coworking space, people from various companies are working in a shared common workplace. This is in contrast to every company having its own office. One of its key features is that companies will no longer have to secure and maintain all the office equipment and other resources.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

With the services that come with coworking spaces, companies will no longer have to worry about office management. Hence, they can focus more on their business. Shared resources enable self-employed individuals or companies to gain access to various amenities that were deemed impossible before. When you are working in a shared environment, you will have lots of opportunities ahead of you since you are establishing connections.

Coworking providers act as the mediator between workspace users and space owners. In other words, companies do not have to sign any long-term leases whenever they want to join a coworking space. Rather, they will have to sign up for a membership that will run for a short period of time. Because of this, coworking offers more flexibility.

Make Use of the Flexibility of Your Membership Agreement

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One of the major benefits of coworking is its flexibility. There is no need for you to commit to an office space for three to five years. Rather, you can choose to have a workspace that is more suitable for your current situation. Afterward, you can make some changes as your business changes. Whether your team is growing or decreasing, you will be able to quickly adjust your workspace to make it suitable to your present structure.

Hence, there is no need for you to pay for a space that you do not need. If you want to alter your budget, then there are various ways to minimize your workspace costs without sacrificing the space. This is because the cost of shared workspaces will be dependent on various factors. For instance, this can include the view, the windows, the floor that you are on, and many more. The staff at coworking spaces will be able to help you, so feel free to ask about your options.

With flexible terms, you are given the freedom to cancel your membership even on short notice. At the same time, coworking providers will also allow you to pause your membership and retain some membership features, like business discounts or your mailing address.

Enjoy Business Discounts

When it comes to coworking spaces, you share resources with other companies or individuals. However, this is not just about the physical resources within the workspace. Sometimes it can also apply to business services. There are some coworking providers which offer their members some deals that treat them as a group. This is just the same as how companies purchase group health insurance.

Some of the business discounts that you can enjoy as coworking centers are reduced rates on gym memberships, hotels, or even tools such as Amazon Web Services. You can find this information on the website of the coworking provider. But sometimes, this is member-only info. Whatever the case is, the best thing to do is to inquire from the staff of the coworking center and ask them what are the discounts that they offer to their members. These deals are important since they can add up to you or your team’s savings.

Participate in Virtual Events

Sometimes, coworking centers host special events in their own spaces throughout the year. But due to the pandemic, these events are now done online. This is beneficial since you will gain access to different events. The problem is, how can you find the appropriate event for you? In your coworking center, you might find other members who have the same interests as you.

Most likely, you will find that the events presented by your fellow members or coworking center involve your interests or address the challenges that you are currently facing at work. Also, your coworking community might offer you a discounted price of the ticket or give you free access. With these virtual events, you can boost your business, learn new skills, or make relevant connections.

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Join the Community

Although much has changed in the world because of COVID-19, investors still continue to invest, and businesses have continued to move forward. People are still networking while some companies are looking for partners. One of the best things about coworking is the associated community. With your membership, you will have instant access to a business network, so it’s best that you will take advantage of it.

Coworking centers are the best place to meet new people, but you have to respect social distancing guidelines. Also, these coworking communities have LinkedIn groups, Slack channels, or other internal apps that permit members to connect. You could ask for help from the coworking staff on how you can meet like-minded fellow members depending on your interests or industry.

Schedule Your Office Time Effectively

For most people, returning to work in the office can be a great relief after spending so much time at home. However, there are some factors that will determine how much time you can spend in your office. Since most teams are still exploring remote versus in-person work, consider how you can use your workspace so you can have the best experience.

Are there particular days of the week or times of the day where the people in your household have noisy activities? If you are trying to divide your time between home and the office, then you should plan ahead. When your home workspace is distracting, louder, or inaccessible, then you can work in the office.

Strategic scheduling can be very helpful for rotating team members. You can divide your team into groups and assign them particular days in the office. In this way, there will be fewer people in the office, lowering the risks of COVID-19.

Examine Your COVID-19 Protocols

Make sure that your workspace is safe enough for you to work in. As mentioned earlier, with coworking spaces, companies do not have to worry about office resources. This feature is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, these coworking providers will be responsible for implementing safety protocols during this time.

In other words, companies will not be handling this task on their own. But sometimes, the guidelines vary from one coworking center to another. Hence, it will be up to you or your team to review the protocols in the coworking space to keep you or your team safe. You can find this information on their website, or you can also ask them questions about their safety protocols.

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Inquire About Referral Bonuses

Some coworking providers offer referral bonuses to their clients for referring new members. Sometimes it is in the form of rent credits. This is the easiest and the simplest way of lowering your costs. All you have to do is share your positive workspace experience with other people. If you have a friend or a relative that is looking for a quiet place to work or a flexible workspace, then giving that referral can help them and help you as well. So, don’t forget to ask your coworking provider about their referral policies.

Make Sure That the Workspace Works for You

The popularity of coworking spaces has grown in recent years due to their convenience, flexibility, and other features that are not found in traditional workspaces. During these challenging times, the features of coworking spaces can be beneficial to you and your business. From discounts to networking opportunities, most coworking spaces come with resources that permit you to work effectively and smoothly. Become a smart user of your workspace so that you can be sure that your workspace works for you, most especially during this pandemic.

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