What is Coworking?

Coworking is a setup wherein workers of different companies share an office space. It is advantageous to the companies, especially startups, in saving costs since office infrastructures and amenities are common. Employees share office equipment, utilities, receptionist, and even custodial services. Refreshments and mail services are sometimes included as well.

Over the years, coworking has gained a following, especially among entrepreneurs, independent contractors, telecommuters, freelancers, and work-at-home professionals. It does not only provide a physical space for workers to share. Occupants also get to form a community and feel less isolated when working. Coworking is an excellent choice for those looking to escape the isolation of a home office, a coffee shop, or their very own offices.

What is a coworking space?

A coworking space is a neutral space shared by people working autonomously on their projects. It looks similar to a typical office, but may offer a lot more! Of course, the office staples such as tables, chairs, and wifi are a standard feature. Conference rooms, a receptionist’s desk, office equipment, a pantry, and restrooms are also included. Some spaces provide free-flowing coffee and other beverages, printing, and parcel services.

What are the advantages of working in a coworking space?

If you are a remote worker contemplating getting membership in a coworking space, think about the pros and cons. What are the factors in choosing a good coworking space? To help you decide, we listed some of the benefits that you can reap from working in this type of setting:


Even if you are a freelancer or a work-from-home professional, this is your chance to go to an office and spend time working with driven people like you. You may not be working on similar projects, and your line of businesses may be streets apart. But that makes the experience more unique! Like in a typical office, you get to see familiar faces and make new connections. You can even help out one another in your projects.


Flexibility is a big plus for startup companies. They can take pleasure in the pleasing aesthetics of the space without the weight of hiring extra people to man the backroom, such as the receptionist and custodian. With the availability of coworking spaces, they can engage with their first few employees and hold meetings with their clients even without leasing an entire room for an office.


Being with people with the same productivity goals as yourself will uplift your spirit.   You will be more focused and motivated. Slacking off will not be an option. People feel that the space gives them more meaningful work and job control in the coworking culture. Because of this, they consistently get the job done.


Working from home is excellent. But sometimes, the setting at home can be too comfortable. You end up slacking. In other instances, you spend your energy fighting distractions instead of ticking those tasks boxes. Dressing up and going to a coworking space as your place of work will push you to establish routines that will boost your morale and increase your productivity.


Making friends and spending time with people with common goals can help grow your network. The freedom and mobility that shared spaces offer, imbibe collaboration. Being in different areas of expertise strikes up a novel conversation between coworking individuals. Hence, new opportunities will start coming your way.

What are the factors in choosing a good coworking space?


Ideally, your coworking space should be located close to your residence. It eliminates the hassles of long travel time and preparation. However, it would be best to consider the conveniences that are important to your work and yourself. These are parking spaces, public transport, restaurants, and other shops. You may also pick an area where you feel your growth is. It can be in a busy city or a quiet town; it depends on your preference.

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Rates and terms

Determine your budget in advance and look for a space that offers flexibility, especially at the start. If you outgrow the first space you picked, make sure that there is the freedom to try another desk, room, or area altogether. If you have a small organization, choose the one that answers your team’s needs at the current time. Inquire if they have either short or long-term offers. Choosing between the two depends on your budget and plans for your job or team in the near and far future.  Check out our services and prices here.

Work environment

What are your business or job needs? If there are legal restrictions on conducting your job or business, that should be on top of your mind. You may need a virtual office, a private room, or just a hot desk. Conference rooms are also offered by most coworking spaces allowing small organizations to huddle in private with their team or meet with their clients from time to time.


Upon meeting your business needs and your budget range, do a test run to enable you to feel the vibe of the space. Like-minded people must surround you to get the productivity you aim for. You may opt to work with people with the same expertise. Otherwise, working with people outside your job description can also be a breath of fresh air.

Remember that having this unique community is one of the perks of coworking. You meet a lot of people outside of your usual circle. As a result, you widen your network and make many friends.

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Typically, coworking spaces offer refreshments, wifi, and mailing services. If you can find one that provides extra benefits that give you a quality work environment, take it. The beauty of belonging to the coworking culture is the flexibility of mixing and matching your working space to your needs and preferences. Perhaps the amenities available in your chosen area may be a bonus, but if it augments your work life, then you must choose wisely.

If you’re looking for a good coworking space in Houston, Texas, try UOffice Executive Suites. We offer spaces that might suit your job and team requirements needs. If you are interested in coworking or the memberships we offer, contact us today at 214-406-3326 or send us a message at jmerritt@rfs-inc.net.