Almost 276,000 employees from over 2100 firms were polled a few years ago. 75.5% of them agreed that having natural light at work increased productivity.

While the survey’s goal was to identify “important characteristics influencing workplace effectiveness,” it was the design element that drew much attention. A staggering 85% of workers say that workplace design has an impact on their work.

It’s not easy to conclude that the emphasis placed on workspace arrangement has become one of the key driving forces for the emergence of coworking spaces. Considering how they are constructed, collaborative workspaces naturally encourage efficiency. 

The Relationship Between Design And Productivity In Coworking Spaces

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The design has always had innate power. Several studies support the fact that adding certain features to the workstation increases productivity levels beyond merely the aesthetic or functional effects.

The Lighting and Foliage

To begin with the obvious, biophilic design, i.e., lots of natural light and greenery, is fantastic for providing professionals with a productive advantage. The natural light that comes in through the big bay windows stimulates the intellect (and makes you happier).

A study conducted about five years ago discovered that the presence of plants increased productivity by 15% because better air quality increased concentration levels, which in turn increased feelings of job satisfaction.

Basically, there are three effects of being surrounded by plants:

  • It relieves stress.
  • It improves cognitive function.
  • It stimulates creativity.

In other words, plants lift your spirits and stimulate your imagination—two essential elements for getting the work done well.

The Bright Colors

Biophilic design makes us more productive. But there is more to it. Bright colors, graphics, and artwork such as murals are also beneficial.

Décor in bright colors invigorates the office and keeps employees motivated. It’s why coworking spaces are splattered with red, pink, green, and orange. The colors help members focus, even during workdays that seem to drag on forever.

The Ergonomic Furniture

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Greens to energize the environment and colors to lighten it are all well and good, but productivity suffers until an employee has the correct chair. This minor detail is also taken care of by coworking spaces.

Every sofa and movable chair is made with your comfort in mind. Nothing, especially unpleasant postures, can impede your productivity at the shared workspace thanks to the ergonomic furniture.

The Break Area

An employee needs to take a break from their screen occasionally to get back into the swing of things. Productivity, health, and well-being can all be improved by taking even short five-minute breaks. Why else would Google have lounge rooms and climbing walls?

This aspect is taken into account in the design of coworking spaces. They may not have climbing walls, but they do have lounges where members may unwind and come back to their job in a more positive and productive frame of mind.

The Open Layout

Conventional offices are built to accommodate as many employees as possible into the available square footage. While the cubicle design is excellent for maximizing space, it is not ideal for increasing productivity. Employees feel cramped and awkward as a result. 

Coworking spaces are created uniquely. Every effort is made to ensure that each employee has enough room and that the setting is conducive to collaboration, which is crucial in a shared workplace.

An open floor plan is used to promote interaction among members and teams, which increases creativity, productivity, and collaboration.

The Closed Spaces

A workspace is a meeting point for a variety of people. A more secluded space is preferred by certain professionals, while others work better in open floor plans. Coworking spaces are intended to walk the fine line between open and closed workplaces.

People are aware that focus can increase productivity for particular tasks. Shared workspaces feature private offices and quiet areas for jobs that call for the utmost concentration.

The physical design of a coworking space makes it possible to find private areas just as easily as a more communal one.

The Sense Of Community

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The focus up until now has been on the physical or aesthetic components of design. Yet there is much more to designing a workspace that fosters productivity. Efficiency depends on both the design and the people that work there. People are just as fundamental as the design.

It is in this area that coworking spaces distinguish themselves. The community as a whole is built to enhance and foster creativity. The highly collaborative environment is intended to boost productivity. A shared workplace aims to be more productive through member support and community administrators handling daily tasks.

Wrapping Up

A person works the majority of the time. Everything counts, including the way it appears, how it is built, and the furniture that is used. Every little thing matters, from the wall paint to the person seated next to you. Traditional workplaces refuse to acknowledge this undeniable fact.

On the other hand, coworking spaces are aware that one’s work life is greatly influenced by the environment and the feelings it creates. It is understandable why shared workplaces are created to include every element that enhances a member’s happiness, productivity, and fitness.

A coworking space contains almost all of the physical components that the survey respondents mentioned at the beginning of this article felt were critical to an efficient workplace.

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